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In general chit-chat at one of our meetings, someone had the idea of challenging other members to make an interesting piece from someone else’s scrap silver.  So, at the next meeting we all turned up with 10g of scrap  in an unmarked envelope and did a lucky dip swap so no-one knew whose scrap they had.  It took a couple of months before all the resultant articles were shown but what a pleasing result.  Below you will see images of the original scrap and the resulting piece(s) of work.  Why don’t we do this more with our OWN scrapbox?

...became this beautiful ring thanks to Ruta

...and this selection morphed it’s way into Jaws and Little Weed in Sylvia’s workshop

A few scraps of textured and tarnished silver after cutting discs became lovely pins with the inclusion of  Bridget’s felt.

More coming soon.....

One can see the designs being considered as the components are arranged in different ways.  The result is this beautiful penannular brooch made by Sarah.

Ruth’s imagination together with a piece of leather cord made these pieces of scrap into the lovely pendant shown here.