My work is feminine, delicate and intricate, and is influenced by my fascination with repeating patterns. This strong interest in pattern has developed from many different aspects of my life, from my musical background, my interest in nature and the patterns I see in architecture and design. When developing ideas I particularly enjoy taking a decorative element and deconstructing it, repeating it and playing with symmetry.

My current collection consists of a series of pieces of jewellery inspired by the spiral, a shape with strong feminine associations and one that is found in so many areas from natural growth patterns to architectural detail. These designs are made by forging wire from silver to create delicate spirals in sections which are then cast, manipulated and repeated to make various designs. Alongside my collection work I take great pleasure in creating personal, bespoke commissions.


Instagram: @rachaelplassard


Phone: 07817475052

Rachael Plassard

Association for Contemporary Jewellery  Wessex Group

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