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Jocelyn Tallis

I studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at Hornsey College of Art gaining Dip.AD. I became a teacher of art and history of art and have always continued to work as a designer jeweller. I have also been on a blacksmithing course and this has added a new dimension to my work.

I have enjoyed the chance to study for and gain an MA and this has given me new ideas and skills and also shown me new directions to take.


My work has always been informed by natural forms, such as the flow of water, the twining of creepers, plant forms and rock strata. As part of my research for my MA at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham, I became very interested in Bronze Age jewellery, in particular some forged, spiral twisted torcs, discovered in Denmark, which I endeavoured to learn how to make, and to wonder at the high levels of skill those craftsmen achieved.

 My present work has taken inspiration from these torcs, with their lively dynamic twisting forms, their energy and interplay of light and shadow, and I have tried to translate these qualities into my own work by using thin layers of fine silver, which are layered, folded and stretched into gently curving  shapes, some of which are then further enhanced with gold, texture and patination to create torcs, earrings and a range of jewellery.

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